5 Exercises for Perfect Legs



  • Lie on the floor on your right side.
  • Your body should be in a straight line, such that your head, shoulders and hips are all aligned.
  • Prop up your upper body with your right elbow, which should be directly under your shoulder. Your weight should be on your hip and elbow.
  • Bend your left leg and place it on the floor in front of you.
  • If you want to make the exercise more challenging, fasten a very light ankle weight to your right leg.


  • Keeping your right leg straight and foot flexed (i.e. your toes should be pointing forward), slowly raise your right leg off the floor.
  • Pause at the top of the movement, hold, and slowly lower your leg back to the floor.
  • Complete 20 repetitions and switch sides.


  • Keep your body aligned during the movement.
  • Work your way up to 4 sets.

Bonus: Can easily do this exercise whilst watching television.

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