500 Calorie Treadmill Workout

500 Calorie Treadmill Workout Missed a workout? Want to up the ante? Gotta lose weight fast? This boredom busting treadmill workout is designed to burn a whopping 500+ calories and boost cardiovascular fitness. This 60 minute treadmill plan combines is an interval workout that will keep you on your toes. Interval workouts are challenging and make for great weight loss workouts, as they keep metabolism elevated long after you’ve completed the workout. In other words, after you’ve burnt 500+ calories during this workout, you will still continue to burn calories for up to 48hrs afterwards!

This treadmill plan is made up of 4 phases:

1. 10 minute warm-up.

2. Alternating intervals of 30 second all out sprints and 60 seconds of recovery jogging. During this phase aim to run as fast as you can for 30 seconds. If  you are a beginner runner/ can’t run 7.5 mph, start at slower and build up speed, or shorten the sprint interval to 20 seconds. As you get stronger, increase the speed to 7.5 mph or more.

3. Alternating intervals of running and recovery jogging. Again, if running at 6.5 mph is too challenging, start slower and build your speed as your cardiovascular fitness increases. Equally, if you feel 6.5 mph feels too slow, by all means increase the speed.

4. 5 minute cool down.

PHASE 1 0:00-9:30 Warm-up 3.5 – 5.0 mph 1-3
PHASE 2 9:30–10:00 Sprint (your best effort) at 7.5 mph 8-10
10:00–11:00 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
11:00–11:30 Sprint at 7.5 mph 8-10
11:30-12:30 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
12:30-13:00 Sprint at 7.5 mph 8-10
13:00-17:00 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
PHASE 3 17:00–27:00 Run at 6.5 mph 7-8
27:00–31:00 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
31:00–35:00 Run at 6.5 mph 7-8
35:00–39:00 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
39:00–43:00 Run at 6.5 mph 7-8
43:00-47:00 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
47:00-51:00 Run at 6.5 mph 7-8
51:00-55:00 Jog at 5.0 mph 4-6
PHASE 4 55:00–60:00 Gradually slow pace to cool down at jog/walk 1-3

*RPE stands for rating of perceived exertion that uses a scale of 1 – 10 to estimate exercise intensity. Read more about RPE and exercise intensity.

500 Calorie Treadmill WorkoutTip! Set the incline on the treadmill to 1%. Running on the treadmill is easier than  running outdoors because of the lack of  wind resistance and the flat, unchanging surface of the treadmill. Also, when you’re running on the treadmill it does help hurtle you forward. Setting the incline to 1% better simulates outdoor running conditions.

Still, if you’re a beginner runner you may want to start with 0% – 0.5% incline to get started and move up to 1% as you get stronger. If you regularly run on the treadmill at 0% incline, increasing it to 1% will  help you transition to outdoor running, if you plan on moving your workout outside.

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