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Although the name of this website was conceived as a partly ironic response to the current obsession by the media with weight loss documentaries that inadvertently appear to reinforce the notion that taking extreme and unhealthy weight loss measures works, superskinnyme.com is very much intended as a healthy, holistic science-based source of information for anyone looking for answers.

The philosophy of superskinnyme.com is that lasting weight loss is possible through education. Permanent weight loss requires insight into current behaviors that have led to weight gain, an understanding of a lifestyle conducive to weight loss and a willingness to take action. Permanent weight loss requires a permanent change in lifestyle. Resorting to old habits results in weight regain and the old body. As Einstein once said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The goal of superskinnyme.com is to support you in putting an end to the endless cycle of dieting and learn to embrace lifestyle changes.

It is also the intention of superskinnyme.com to foster understanding that, in terms of weight, all people are not the same. We each have a different susceptibility for weight gain and weight loss. In other words, some of us gain weight more easily than others and have a harder time losing weight. It is hoped that this awareness will not only help the reader appreciate the wonder and limitations of their own body, but of others; to reduce not only self-criticism, but the judging of others. That to achieve our goals some of us require greater motivation, determination, discipline and support. You cannot sink someone else’s end of the boat and keep your own afloat. Mutual encouragement, instead of disparagement to achieve a healthier body for all.

Before reading the articles it is advised that you read the disclaimer.


  1. I would like to know where to find the posters. I saw one that was How to Get Skinny.

  2. I believe education is more important than being told what to do. I would much rather take what I learn about bodies and nutrition and turn it into my own regimen of health.

  3. is this website only for females ? as i see only images of girls….

  4. Thank you for this site! Though I’m overweight (from really *bad* eating and total laziness) Everything about me physically seems to point toward mesomorph, and I’m very excited! I’ve always wanted all of the traits if a fit mesomorph (including high muscle potential) and I’m so ready to embrace it. I’ve been losing weight (70 lbs so far in 7.5 months) really easily, usually losing much faster than I aim for, and I can feel my muscles building really easily.

    That wasn’t bragging, btw… just celebrating…. sorry. <_<

  5. Just found this website and am remotivated to stay on track for weight-loss/ tone up goals. Thanks for all of your work and articles, I’m excited to try smoothie recipes!

  6. You should really make your website into an app!

  7. hi , i love your site . i learned so much frm it. :) but i have a question , what is endurance running??? i tried searching it but its showing something else. how do i run ‘endurance’ on a thread mill ???????

    • By endurance running, I mean distance running or long-distance running, which is basically running continuously (for at least 5 km), i.e. not sprinting of high intensity interval training.

  8. I am just starting the 12 week boot camp and i was wondering what “HIIT” means in the exercise plan?

  9. just wanted to share with you that i used to be a dancer – and small framed but mesomorphic one – always been easy to tone up and build muscle.
    life events (such as, dad’s untimely death, mom’s untimely death, two births, relentless stress for the past 7 years, arthritic pain from increased weight and knee injury – also from increased weight that my frame cannot sustain…) have brought me to a place today where i have 35% body fat. i am now testing for increased cholesterol even though we are not satd fat eaters, scary irregular heart beats, increased creatinine, and a host of other morbid markers. i am stunned that i could have gone from being a happy healthy young person to someone who is morbid – and i have two young children to think of.
    while i struggle to deal with the emotional pain, grief, whatever – i am strangely disheartened, but still motivated to completely rennovate my health.
    i really love this site – have been browsing and skimming for the past 10 minutes. how wonderful of you to provide this, and share your expertise with the world.
    i hope i can come back with a happy success story.

    • Hi, Thanks for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. I’m incredibly sorry to hear about some of the painful experiences you’ve had to endure. While you may be disheartened, you also sound to be incredibly brave and strong! I’m glad you have found inspiration and hope that you come back with an awesome success story! Check out these awesome motivational books (at the bottom of the page.)

      If your health isn’t 100%, remember to clear any new exercise/ diet plan with your doctor. For example, you may have to be careful which type of exercise you choose because of your knee injury.

      Wishing you all the best! I’m sure you will succeed!

  10. I just love your site but please, please, please make sure that all calculators have the option of the metric system.
    E.g. “Ideal Weight Calculator”, “The Weight Loss Calculator”.

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