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Body Fat Calculator

body fat calculatorThis body fat calculator uses the U.S. Navy Circumference Method where three/ four body measurements are fed into a fixed formula to estimate the percentage of your body that is made up of fat.

Read about other more accurate techniques to estimate body fat.

Average body fat percentages vary between men and women:
Body Fat Rating Scale Women Men
Essential Fat 10 – 13% 2 – 5 %
Lean (Athlete) 14 – 20% 6 – 13%
Average (Fitness) 21 – 24 % 14 – 17%
Acceptable 25 – 31% 18 – 25%

These figures are a guide only. The above calculation is a basic guide and does not consider personal factors such as your level of fitness, muscle mass or any other factors. If you have concerns about your weight, please contact your family physician.

Body Fat Calculator Instructions

The measurements need to be accurate to within 0.5cm/ 0.25 inches and should be taken as follows:

  1. Neck: taken below the larynx slightly sloping downward at the front
  2. Waist: women at the smallest point; men at the level of the navel
  3. Hips (women only): at the largest point

body fat measurement


  1. Frustrating.. No matter what I do it always says “invalid height”. Well excuse me, but my height is VERY valid!

    • Make sure you entered your height in whatever measurement you picked. Like if you picked inches, you have to enter it in inches not feet.

  2. Ms. Lady Devilish , if you are let’s say 5′ ,you have to multiply 5×12 =60 .Because if you are using inches, there is 12 inches in 1 foot. Hope it helps.Bec.that’s what I did and it take it.Good luck. :-)

  3. Woot! I got 16.6%. But I wish the results weren’t in red it makes it like it’s a bad result

  4. Woot! I got 16.6%. But I wish the results weren’t in red it makes it seem like it’s a bad result

  5. mine was 18.6- although I have really large thighs and I’m trying to slim them down! I think it’s mainly muscle as I did a lot of sport when I was younger and I have a very high metabolism. I’m slim everywhere else so my thighs look out of proportion- any ideas on the best way to slim them down? I’ve heard running is a good method?

  6. what, I got 8.5%, I must have gotten the hight wrong

  7. There we go, I changed my hight so It was the correct 66″ and I got 11.8% :)

  8. I got 26.3% is that bad o.o?

  9. It keeps telling me that my neck measurement is invalid

  10. I got 15.3%, which would place me at the same level as an athlete. The problem is, I still feel really self-conscious, particularly about my stomach and hip fat. I am very athletic, and enjoy running and trampolining, but I just can seem to shift this weight. I’m 16 years old, European, 50 kgs and 157 cm and female. Can anyone offer me any advice? I know I’m still young, but for the sake of my self confidence, I would like to tighten my stomach and hips.

  11. Help !! I got -7.8%

  12. Hmm. I get 27% body fat, but I’m very muscular, although I do have large hips. How accurate is this calculator?

  13. MY god save me from myself i scored 63.7% how sad. But the point is i care and am starting to look after me I get so caught up in my kids. I have also had three difficult pregnancy’s. Its all very exciting.see how i go. no excuses.

  14. So it looks like I need to get my waist and hips down a few sizes. Any exercises or maybe foods that could help? Running maybe? Thanks! :)

  15. Okay! I’m going to go ahead and do it. Thanks so much.

  16. What else can I do to slim thighs besides running? I can’t run in this neighborhood. I have a stationary bike and 2 lb ankle weights. Can’t afford gym or any DVDs, any advice is helpful. I’m at 19.4% but I’m short and I can tell you I would like them more tone and thinner. Thank you in advance.

  17. i got 29.4! I’d really like to slim down my thighs and tighten my stomach. any advice?

  18. 29.6 and I’ve been running 6-7 days a week for the last couple of months and at least 3 times a week a month before that. Feeling a bit discouraged. I was very petite up until 4-5 months ago. Any recommendations? I could use the advise. Thanks.

  19. Great calc, not too far off from skin fold tests. Got 10.5%, though I measured this in the evening. Maybe I would have gotten a smaller number if I measured first thing in the morning. Hoping to reach 8% in 3-6 weeks.

    On a side note, how accurate are skin fold tests done with a vernier caliper instead of a skin fold caliper? I only have a vernier caliper at home :(

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