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The human physique can be divided into 3 main body types, based on propensity for fat gain, muscle gain and frame size. While much is made of body shape, body type actually allows you to form a weight loss plan based on how your body responds to exercise and diet. In other words, it makes losing weight easier. Read the articles below to find out more about your body type and how to get fit for your body type.

Endomorph Workout Plan: Resistance Training


Endomorphs have a higher body fat percentage. Thus, as an endomorph your primary focus should be on cardiovascular exercise and ...

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Ectomorph Workout Plan: Resistance Training

ectomorph workout

Being a female ectomorph is currently in vogue. Unfortunately, male ectomorphs are in a less enviable position. In men, muscularity ...

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Mesomorph Workout Plan: Resistance Training

mesomorph workout

FEMALE MESOMORPH Female mesomorphs, that includes women who feel they have become too bulky, should do light-to-moderate weight training, no ...

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Mesomorph Body Type

mesomorph body type

Mesomorphs could be thought of as the “genetically gifted”. They are characterized by an athletic, strong, compact and naturally lean ...

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Ectomorph Body Type

skinny fat ectomorph

An ectomorph has the body type that is most often seen in the pages of fashion magazines. They are slim ...

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What’s Your Body Type?

body type calculator

Most people have combinations of the three body types. For example, some have an upper body that is ectomorphic and ...

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Body Shape – What’s Your Shape?

Body shape

Your body shape is based upon the size of your physical features and the overall balance of your body. These ...

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Personalize Exercise for Body Type: Cardio

exercise for body type

ENDOMORPH EXERCISE PLAN Cardiovascular regimens – anything from swimming, running and cycling – are essential for endomorphs to lose weight. ...

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Weight Gain Diet

weight gain tips

Most health professionals, governing bodies and media outlets are focused on weight loss. Therefore, sound information on how to gain weight healthily is ...

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Are You Skinny Fat?

skinny fat ectomorph

Skinny fat. What does it mean? Whether you are man or woman, if you look slim and fit dressed but ...

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