Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph body typeEndomorphs have a soft, curvy and round physique and display the opposite characteristics from ectomorphs. They have a sluggish metabolism, gain weight easily and have to work hard to lose body fat. Endomorphs often have a larger frame and tend to have wider hips than shoulders, creating a pear-shaped physique. Some of the sexiest and most beautiful singers and actresses are endomorphs. Similarly, many of the actors and action heroes on the silver screen are endomorphs.


  • Smooth, round body
  • Medium/ large joints/ bones
  • Small shoulders
  • Short limbs
  • High levels of body fat (may be overweight)
  • Body fat tends to settle in lower regions of body, mainly lower abdomen, butt, hips, and thighs (rather than being distributed evenly throughout body)
  • Pear-shaped physique
  • Can gain muscle easily, but tends to be underdeveloped
  • Difficult to keep lost body fat off
  • Lose weight slowly
  • Have to work hard to lose weight
  • Slow metabolic rate
  • Attacks of tiredness/ fatigue
  • Fall asleep easily


MALE examples of endomorphic actors include:

  • Rusell Crowe
  • John Goodman
  • Jack Black
  • Robin Williams
  • Danny DeVito

FEMALE examples of endomorphic singers and actresses include:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Beyonce
  • Shakira
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Sophia Loren
  • Rosanne
  • Queen Latifah
  • Kate Winslet
  • Minnie Driver
  • Sophie Dahl

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There is no way round this issue. Endomorphs will have a harder time losing weight. But lets be clear. No one is saying that endomorphs CANโ€™T lose weight, but that they will have to work harder to lose the weight. Endomorphs do not have to be overweight. They simply require more determination than perhaps a mesomorph would, to achieve the same goal. Endomorphs have to train hard and must eat healthily most of the time. Endomorphs gain fat quickly when eating the wrong types of foods because their metabolism can be unforgiving. They also find it difficult to lose weight through diet alone.

The good news is that endomorph women are often thought of as voluptuous and sensual because they go in at the waist, have large rounded breasts and have womanly curves in all the right places – when in shape, their curves create an allure likened to that of Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Loren and other celebrated and famous bodies. Some of the most beautiful women in show business today are endomorphs. In shape the female endomorph is unrivaled – toned and fit whilst being soft, sensuous and alluring. It’s a wonderful paradox only the female endomorph can fully achieve. And lets be clear, if you are a female endomorph trying to look like your polar opposite – an ectomorph (e.g. Kate Moss) – a body type that possesses little fat, little muscle and a small frame, producing a linear, narrow body shape. If you do manage to lose a lot weight (fat and muscle!) to somewhat resemble an ectomorph, it will never look as good on you as it will look on her. For her it is a natural state and she looks (and is) healthy, but you have beaten your body into submission, forcing your body to be >something it is not and you will most likely look (and feel and be) gaunt, ill and tired, instead of radiant and glowing. It just doesnโ€™t work. Your goal should be to transform your body into the best it can be, not to reconstruct it into someone else’s body. You can be incredibly slim, lean and toned. You can even be petite. But you can’t be an ectomorph. Read more here about how much you can change yout body type.

Male mesomorphs tend not to wish for an ectomorphic body, but a mesomorphic one. Most male endomorphs will find this entirely possible (with hard work!). Russell Crowe is an endomorph who when in shape looks like an awesome mesomorph. Let him be your example of what can be achieved through training and what happens when you stop training and eating clean.


Along with carefully monitoring their carb and fat intake, the ideal endomorph workout plan should combine an intense cardio regime along with a moderate weight-training program to see maximum results for their efforts. Endomorphs should avoid crash dieting. This will only slow down – your already sluggish – metabolism further and make your body cling to its fat reserves harder.

Though metabolic rate may be determined by genetics, through training and nutrition, endomorphs can speed things up. Catch is: Food is not consumed according to how you feel, but what works best for you. No cheating allowed. Training is not negotiable. You must do it regularly and frequently, whether you feel like it or not. For the endomorph to achieve their dream body, they must follow their program with military precision. The best diet for endomorphs tend to be low-carb diets as many endomorphs are carbohydrate sensitive. No junk foods. No vegging out. This means you have to find a way to adopt these changes and turn it into a lifestyle that suits you that you can maintain and enjoy. You’d better learn to enjoy it, if you want to achieve and keep that lean body!

If you want to tailor your exercise and nutritional program to your body type, Tom Venuto’s take on weight loss is worth investigating. Tom’s comprehensive weight loss guide “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” (BFFM for short) tackles body types and allows you to adapt your weight loss program to your body type. The endomorph body type is examined in-depth, metabolism is discussed and solutions are offered. Tom explains:

  1. How eating incorrectly for your body type can leave your body starved for calories, triggering a switch into “fat storage mode” – exactly what you DON’T want.
  2. That no matter how perfectly you follow a diet, if itโ€™s not right for your body type, you will not burn fat.
  3. Why a diet that works for your friend, might not necessarily work for you. Why other people can cheat on their diet and still lose weight, while you stick to your diet but still have seen virtually no results.

In BFFM, macronutrient ratios, food types, calorie requirements, resistance training and cardiovascular exercise strategies are tailored to the endomorph body type, with the goal of transforming the flabby endomorph physique into one that is lean, slim and toned. Tom Venuto has this to say about endomorphs:

“… Burn The Fat is not one diet because one size does not fit all. It’s three diets, each one designed to suit the goals and body type of each individual. “

To find out more, click here.


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