Exercise Benefits – Why You Need to Exercise

exercise benefitsExercise is as important as nutrition if you are going to successfully lose weight healthily and keep it off permanently. Exercise coupled with a decrease caloric intake will create a calorie deficit, resulting in a more efficient weight loss. Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training will increase your metabolism, eliminate body fat and help you achieve a leaner physique, give you improved energy and will lift sagging buns and chests.

The more fit you become the more calories you will be able to burn while at rest. The great news is that as you get more fit, the easier it becomes to maintain your new physique. It is pretty obvious that you wont get all those great effects with diet alone.

A combination of exercise and caloric restriction is superior to a calorie deficit that is created by food restriction alone – not just for health but for weight loss and weight control.

skinny fatDo you know anyone who has lost weight and kept it off WITHOUT exercise? Probably not. You’re probably envious of those skinny people who don’t need to exercise to stay skinny. Ever heard of skinny fat people? They look great in clothes, but if you spot them in a bikini they look flabby and wobbly. They have no muscle and instead have sagging, flabby figure. I think it is unlikely that if you’re putting any kind of effort into losing weight that that is the look you are going for. Furthermore, as there is no cure for cellulite yet, the only method of reducing the dreaded orange peel must include a program of exercise and drinking plenty of water.

Exercise prevents muscle loss. Therefore, it is imperative you exercise when losing weight. Exercise will protect your muscles and keep your metabolic rate ticking over at a speedy rate.


  • Decrease appetite
  • Able to have a greater calorie intake/ day once ideal body weight has been achieved.
  • Decreases stress and enables you to deal with stress better
  • Decreases depression
  • Strengthen  the skeletal system, increasing bone density and protecting against osteoporosis many other health benefits (improves heart and lung function etc.)

To achieve the best physique you can, you must do both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, i.e. cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Weight lifting is known to reduce the loss of muscle tissue that occurs during weight loss, plus it will give you a toned, sleek and well-defined physique. Don’t forget that when you lose muscle it is harder to lose weight because your metabolism would have slowed down. Effective and permanent weight loss is all about maintaining your metabolic rate. As soon as your grip on your metabolism starts slipping, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Those who can drive themselves further once the effort gets painful are those who will win.

Don’t forget to warm-up before exercising!

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