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Exercise Motivation

Motivational quote

How to burn more calories walking & lose weight

Smoothie recipes

How to make a smoothie

Exercise motivation

Great fitness website, with lots of exercise inspiration and workout plans!

12 Week Weight loss exercise plan: intermediate Level

Rock Solid Abs Workout

Lose arm fat &  sculpt sexy arms workout  – with complete exercise descriptions

Sculpting sexy arms workout

Exercise and fitness motivation! Great blog!

weight loss motivation

how to get fit

motivation to start

fitness inspiration

running motivation

exercise motivation

weight loss plateau tips

boxing for a flat belly

how to run

beginner running program

How to lose weight fast

how to lose weight running

how to lose weight

fitness inspiration

jump rope workout to lose weight

jump rope exercise

Brazilian Butt Workout - Cardio

elliptical machine muscles targeted

how to lose belly fat poster

metabolism calories

Blast Fat Build Muscle

how to run: running form

flat tummy typs

how to lose belly fat for good

foods that cause bloating and gas

how to lose belly fat fast

how to lose belly fat fast

best ways to lose belly fat healthily

best secrets to lose belly fat

how to burn tummy fat fast

abs kettleball exercises

how to lose stomach fat healthily

ab exercises to lose stomach fat

best tips to lose belly fat

how to burn stomach fat

boxing ab muscles

running to lose tummy fat

abdominal muscles chart

Yoga poses for beginners


  1. love the details most knowledgeble!!

  2. wow this exercises work bt how am i able to put them in action
    because i would need sm1 to guide me

  3. Love it. Thanks for the pinsperation

  4. Have you ever thought about creating an Instagram account to post all these on? There’s a few “fitspo” accounts that give me really good motivation to work out, and I really love workouts and stuff on here

  5. I just started to workout last week with some beginner yoga moves & found mysf feeling very fresh. My bf wants me to have a flat tummy & I was browsing your website…great motivation! Thank you :-)

  6. Thank you for such inspiring words of fitness inspiration. Can you find some African-American women to use in your ads next time?

  7. These were such awesome ways to inspire women to get fit, stay fit and befit. Lets get some women of color in the next pics…..we all are one trying to stay beautiful and motivated. Thanks much,ciao.

  8. Just found your site & I LOVE it! So much great info and inspiration. I’ve been working out with a trainer for 6 months & while the results are pretty good, I don’t think he fully understands the nutritional/fitness needs of a 43 yr old Ectomorph. My stubborn spots are quite different from the 23 year old fitness models he normally trains. Thanks for providing some much-needed tips to boost my spirits.

  9. bridgette dickens

    i love this website so much! i was so g;ad to come across it, and now im in love! this has giving a major amount of inspiration, you should create an app, instagram, Facebook page, i can feel this site becoming big, very big please never stop, i want to say thank you so much guys this has really helped me x

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