28 Ways to Beat Bloating & Banish Your Belly

21. Walk after eating to get rid of gas!

26 Awesome Ways to Beat Bloating

Walking may be the last thing you feel like doing after a nice meal, but a brief five-minute walk will help release any air trapped in your digestive tract. If you’re eating small meals 5 times a day, a post-meal walk is less necessary, but certainly wont hurt and you’ll burn a few extra calories!


20. Big Event? Hitting the Beach?
You’ve got a big event coming up? It’s today or tomorrow and you really want to make sure your tummy is flat as it can possibly be, then you’ll want to cut back on bulky raw foods. Bulky raw foods, e.g. carrots, provide a similar level of nutrition as cooked, but take up a whole lot more room in your tummy. So, rather than eating bulky foods that will expand your tummy more than necessary, go with cooked vegetables and small portions of fruit/ dried fruit. If you’re on a beach vacation and want to avoid looking bloated on the beach, skip the bulky foods for lunch and have them for dinner instead.
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