28 Ways to Beat Bloating & Banish Your Belly

11. Cut back on Fatty Foods to Prevent Bloating

26 Awesome Ways to Beat Bloating

Fatty foods, especially fried foods, can cause bloating because fat delays stomach emptying, which also increases the sensation of fullness and the feeling of heaviness after eating. Cut back on fatty foods and make sure that the fat you do eat are of the healthy sort – monounsaturated fatty acids (aka MUFA). This type of healthy fat is found in olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocado.

12. Less Alcohol Please

Yes, alcohol can make bloating worse. Firstly, alcohol is dehydrating and constipating, which exacerbates bloating. Secondly, many alcoholic drinks are carbonated (e.g. beer, cider, fizzy mixers and champagne of course), which will puff you up like a balloon. Stay off the carbonated alcohol and remember to rehydrate with some water before you head for bed.
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