How to make a smoothie without banana

3. Add avocado

How to make a smoothie without banana

Before you baulk at the idea of adding something green to your fruit smoothie, remember that avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable. Another reason not to persecute this pear-shaped fruit is that it’s absolutely blissful in smoothies. Like you smoothies creamy? Then avocado is your friend. Avocados are the surfer dudes of the fruit world. They’re super mellow. Boasting a very mild taste, they’re virtually undetectable in smoothies. And it’s sublime buttery consistency transforms your smoothie into a creamy delight. It’s that good – especially if you have a predilection for the naughty end of the food spectrum. Also, try freezing them first for a frostier consistency. Simply mash them, put into ice cube trays and place in the freezer.

When it comes to being potassium-rich, bananas enjoy all the fanfare, but actually avocados boast high levels of potassium too. Plus, they’re full of healthy fats. If you’re new to avocados and smoothies, start by adding a ¼ avocado.

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