Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain & Weight Loss

hypothyroidism weight lossIf you have been having difficulty losing weight despite your best efforts  (no cheating!) and are lacking energy, it is worth checking with your doctor that you are not hypothyroid. Those suffering with hypothyroidism have lower levels of thyroid hormone and suffer with a sluggish metabolism, making it difficult for them to lose weight untreated. However, once treated it is possible to lose weight. Remember to take your body type into consideration. Endomorphs have more trouble losing weight.

Your doctor may ask for a thyroid test, measuring your TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels. It is worth noting that in some cases patients who test within the “normal” range of traditional medical standards may still be in need of thyroid support. Their TSH may be only slightly elevated, but enough to influence their metabolism and thus lead to weight gain.

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