Ideal Weight Calculator

ideal weight calculatorThis calculator allows you to take your frame size into consideration, and does not merely use height to calculate how much you should weigh. The calculator below provides only an estimate, as it cannot take into account/ distinguish between muscle and fat mass. Therefore, while it may be a good guideline, it cannot be exact. This calculator is for adults (use this weight calculator if you’re sill growing).

Remember, body fat measurement is still the most ideal and accurate way to chart your health and weight loss progress (use the frame size calculator to determine your frame size).

How much should I weigh?

It is important that you maintain your perspective with regards to body weight. Simply use body weight as a tool to indicate health and aim to keep it within the healthy range. If you are teetering on either side of the weight range, it is worth getting your body fat percentage checked to ensure that you are indeed in good health. The scales will not distinguish between fat and muscle. It’s not so much about how much should you weigh, as it is about ideal body fat percentage. Therefore, ideally anyone tracking their “weight” should ideally do so through regular body fat percentage measurements, which can be inexpensively done at fitness clubs, gyms or your local college/ university, or use this body fat calculator to get an estimate now.

Use the calorie calculator to determine your personal calorie requirements.