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Ideal Weight Calculator

ideal weight calculatorThis calculator allows you to take your frame size into consideration, and does not merely use height to calculate how much you should weigh. The calculator below provides only an estimate, as it cannot take into account/ distinguish between muscle and fat mass. Therefore, while it may be a good guideline, it cannot be exact. This calculator is for adults (use this weight calculator if you’re sill growing).

Remember, body fat measurement is still the most ideal and accurate way to chart your health and weight loss progress (use the frame size calculator to determine your frame size).

How much should I weigh?

It is important that you maintain your perspective with regards to body weight. Simply use body weight as a tool to indicate health and aim to keep it within the healthy range. If you are teetering on either side of the weight range, it is worth getting your body fat percentage checked to ensure that you are indeed in good health. The scales will not distinguish between fat and muscle. It’s not so much about how much should you weigh, as it is about ideal body fat percentage. Therefore, ideally anyone tracking their “weight” should ideally do so through regular body fat percentage measurements, which can be inexpensively done at fitness clubs, gyms or your local college/ university, or use this body fat calculator to get an estimate now.

Use the calorie calculator to determine your personal calorie requirements.


  1. This site you provide is awesome. This has helped me with my weight. I have lost 24 pounds in the past year. Keep the great work up.


  2. this doesn’t seem right to me! I’m 5 feet 3 inches with a small bodyframe and it says my weight should be between 111-124 pounds. I’m 98 pounds at the moment which I think is a normal weight, I can’t imagine being between 111-124, I would look obese

    • Hi Jojo,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I think I ended up answering your question by answering Kailene’s, which is similar. Basically, weight is only a best guess. Why? Because is does not differentiate between muscle, fat and frame size. This calculator tries to make it a little more accurate by including frame size, but it doesn’t take how much muscle you have into consideration. You say you would look obese, but I think you mean you would look obese it you gained 10lbs of fat. If you gained muscle, you wouldn’t look obese. To accurately know where you stand you need to get your body fat percentage measured. Your results suggest that you may have little fat, little muscle and a slight skeleton. Also, your BMI is 17.4, which would put you in the underweight category (I don’t know your age and am assuming you’re over the age of 20 – there are different BMI charts if you are under 20 and your results would be very different – this calculator is also calibrated for adults). So it’s worth having your body composition measured.
      Research suggests that it is better to weigh a little more – if you can – and you could do that by gaining muscle. Studies show that people who are underweight are at higher risk of things like osteoporosis/ fractures, even if they are young. The thinner you are, the lower your bone density is likely to be. Also, body fat is important because it helps produce estrogen, which is necessary for healthy bones. If you have low levels of estrogen you are at increased risk of having porous and brittle bones. What’s more, for bones to become and remain strong they need weight. Which is why adding muscle or doing weight-bearing exercises, such as running and jumping are important if you are naturally skinny. Hope this helps!

    • On the other hand, I am 5′ 2″, weighing 125 with a small frame, and have rarely been more fit or eating better, as I’m running my first marathon in a few days. Based on my weight history and my current level of fitness, I know this is a great weight for me, and I certainly look better than I did 10 pounds ago.
      So it really does depend on the person!

      • Yes, that makes sense. I’m 5’3 and weigh 83 pounds (don’t look that surprised – my thighs and calves are still pretty pudgy, even though my mom insists it’s baby fat). I’m not really looking for a weight-loss diet, but something to slim down my legs. Your tips are excellent. I can’t ever imagine being 111-124 pounds, because I’m pretty happy the way I am.

  3. I agree- I’m 5’9″ with a large frame- it says I should weigh 149 and 170 pounds. I’m 156 currently, and I definitely have pudge. I can’t image all that going away at 149.

    • Hi Kailene,

      Anything that has to do with weight is only a best guess. The only way you can get an accurate idea of where you are and how much you have to lose is by having your body fat percentage professionally measured. Also, how much you weigh does not only depend on how much fat you carry or the size of your frame, but also muscle mass. For example, if you lose weight and also gain muscle, you might end up weighing more than you would have expected. Remember, the goal shouldn’t be a specific number on the scale, but to lose inches and have a healthy, toned body. To have a toned, firm body most people need to gain muscle, and muscle is more dense than fat. Basically, it all comes down to body composition. Check out this before and after picture, in which she weighs the same before and after, but looks completely different.

  4. hey so im only 5’4 ad this say that i should weigh about what i do but i work out two to three hours a day is there and fast way you can see my dropping weight

  5. I am 5’2″ tall with a very large body frame. My wrist is almost 7 inches and my elbow was 3 inches. Just an indicator, I carried twins to 9 months and I never even felt so much as a kick in my ribs. I did have a lot of pressure down below but no bone pain or intrauterine growth restriction. Being large framed has a lot of advantages. I am strong, powerful, and healthy.

    I know a lot of women would be sad to be large framed but not me. I rejoice in it.

    I just wish I had known about this when I was a kid. I was NEVER one of the skinny girls even though I ate well and got plenty of exercise. When I was a kid and a teenager I just thought I was fat. I was teased and made fun of because of my stocky build. If I had known at the time that I was not fat but that I was POWERFUL I would have kicked all their butts for picking on me. :-)

    One of my twin girls is built just like me and as she gets older I am going to make sure that she understands that she isn’t fat and that there isn’t anything wrong with being a powerful woman. Of course, I have to be careful because her twin sister (fraternal) is build more like my husband. She will be taller, more slender, and will have a small to medium frame. I don’t want either of them to think that one build is preferable to the other so it will be a delicate balance.

  6. I came here from pinterest, decided to look around the site. When I saw a link to this page, I clicked it, rolled my eyes, and thought to my self “If this is just a BMI calculator I’m out of here” The consideration of my frame size as well as the gener al focus of the site not just on weight but other important factors like body fat percentage (after all no one likes being well built and then having that outdated BMI nonsense say they’re obese!) has really impressed me.

  7. I certainly agree the calculations are beginning points. According to my wrist I am small bone, according to my elbow (I used calipers) I am medium, yet when I was going to a health club I was told I was large boned. Also I was told at 23 that I should weigh about 135-140 pounds, I dieted & walked, but at 145 pounds the neighbors started asking my husband if they could do anything to help with my illness. My sister stood me in front of a long mirror (I didn’t have one in the house), and held a magazine with photos of anorexia. I stopped dieting that day!
    At 35 I had crept up to 198pounds and although I was on my feet all day, I was not sleeping well & stressed. Diet got me back to 168 pounds and a size 16 but i couldn’t go further on my own. I went to a health & fitness club and asked for a trainer that would kick my butt, be careful what you ask for :-), within three months I went from 32% body fat to 12 % , size 16 to 8. BUT I still weighed 168 pounds!
    You should only ever go by YOU. Find what you like even if you have to try everything first. I wrenched a hip kickboxing, dropped a free weight on my head, fell flat on my face running and twisted an ankle. I stuck to governed machines and yoga after that. Lol

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