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weight loss dietSo, everyone knows that 95% of those starting a diet put the weight back on and that there is good evidence to suggest that dieting alone will never deliver successful long-term weight loss. You end up trapped in an endless cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain, followed by weight loss… To lose weight successfully you have to break this “failure cycle” and develop a variety of skills designed to put you in control – permanently.

It is important to change your eating habits so that they support you in your goals of losing fat. To become thin and stay thin, you have set up your lifestyle so that it supports weight loss. No one ever said you couldn’t lose as much weight by changing your lifestyle, as you could by embarking on a diet. Difference is: lifestyle is for life, the effects of the diet fleeting. It may seem that you can lose more weight on a crash diet. Truth is: much of that weight is water and muscle. You will lose way more weight with a lifestyle change – you’re not limited to a 2-week or 4-week deadline.

Fact is: you want to fit into those jeans for more that 1 month. So, think long-term program – not diet.

To lose fat steadily right down to the very last pound of weight, you must work with your body’s innate nature – not against it. This includes, avoiding alcohol or at least cutting back your intake dramatically. Alcohol is very calorie dense. Drinking does not leave you feeling full and hunger free (not to mention that it is toxic). Also, lay off all sugary drinks completely and reduce your intake of fruit juices. DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES.

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