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15 Minute Fat-Blasting Jump-Rope Workout

Fat-Blasting Jump-Rope WorkoutWhat allows you to work out at home, with equipment that costs next to nothing, and has calorie burning power that exceeds that of running? Jumping rope may be an old-school  favorite, but makes an awesome choice if you want to get fit and lose weight. Jumping rope is a cardiovascular exercise that burns a ton of calories, up to 1000 calories per hour (!), and it works the arms, legs and core, as well as strengthening your bones and improving your balance. Is there no end to the benefits of jumping rope?

If you’re a beginner use a comfortably heavy PVC rope. Being heavier, the rope means you’ll jump more slowly. As you improve, use a lighter rope, which will let you jump faster, increasing intensity and requiring greater skill.

Below you’ll descriptions of the various jumps and an intense 15 minute jump rope workout.

Single Jump

This is a basic jump. Simply jump over the rope and land on both feet. You only need to jump high enough to clear the rope.

Step Touch

Hold the handles of the rope together. Swing the rope to your right, tuning it twice in circular motion. At the same time step to the right and tap your left toes to your right heel. Repeat on the other side.

Running Jump

This jump requires you to simulate running, by alternating your feet when you jump. Run in place while jumping over the rope using one foot at a time.

Figure Eight

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and hold the handles of the rope together with both hands in front of body. Now trace an imaginary horizontal figure of eight (infinity sign ¥) in front of you: moving from left shoulder to right hip and then from right shoulder to left hip. At the same time, transfer your weight from your left to your right foot and back.

15 min jump rope workout

Double Jump

This is an advanced jump and requires that you jump high enough and swing the rope fast enough, to pass the rope twice under your feet before you hit the floor. If you find this jump too challenging, do single jumps, until you are able to do double jumps.

Slalom Jump

Imagine you’re slalom skiing (in place – with a rope!). As you jump over the rope, you want to alternate between landing left and right. Jump about 6 inches to the left on one jump and 6 inches to the right on the next jump, and continue to alternate. Keep your feet together as you jump and land on both feet.

Jumping Jack Jump

This is another jump where you alternate your position. On the first jump land with your feet wide apart and your next jump land with your feet together, and continue.

Combo Jump

This is a combination of the running jump and single jumps. For 10 turns of the rope do the running jump and for 10 turns of the rope do single jumps.  

Front-Back Jump

Again, you’re alternating your position. With your feet together jump forward about 6 inches, on the next jump, jump back about 6 inches. Continue to alternate jumping forward and back.

High Step

This jump is a variation of the running jump. With each turn of the rope you alternate between landing on the right and the left foot. However, instead of running “normally” bring your knees up high to a 90-degree angle. 

Jump rope workout


  1. does this make your calf muscles grow bigger? I want to try this but I’m too scared that my calf muscles will get bulkier.

    • Hi Rosie,
      Jump rope is a high-impact and high-intensity exercise. It won’t make your calf muscles smaller, but whether or not it will make them bigger depends on how easily you gain muscle in your calves. If you’re not sure, try it and if you don’t like the results stop. Generally, when you build muscle from exercising a few weeks you will lose it again (i.e. the muscle will return to the smaller untrained state) once you stop exercising. It’s people who have been doing exercise that builds muscle for years (e.g. athletes, ice skaters, dancers, strength training etc.), who tend to retain a lot of their muscle mass even after they stop training. Here’s some general advice about how to slim calves.

  2. Do you have any videos demonstrating the various jumps? I’m having a hard time visualizing some of them.

  3. Do you have the posters from your web pages available for purchase, or for download. I really like the one for “15 minute fat blasting jump rope workout”. There are also a few more that I like.

  4. Hi, do you happen to have demo videos of these steps? Thank you!

  5. Hi,
    I want to lose 10-15 pounds and this workout seems good. But I am also scared my legs would get all bulky and get big. Please help me :( Also if it does, can u tell me a way for it to not get big?

  6. Also, does it make you lose belly, butt, waist, arms, and etc.too?

  7. Hellow!! Am 106kgs please advise the best jump robe for me…

  8. Hi Rosie!

    Great site!!! Thank you! Do you know if the jope rope images are posters? My daughter is a competitive jump roper and we love to have these in poster form for her room! Especially the “small steps big gains” one.

    Thank You Very Much!!


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