Dieting 101: Why Supplements Matter

Adequate nutrient supplementation is vital, especially when your body is going through changes and your calorie intake has been reduced. Without optimum nutrition, you cannot achieve optimum health and weight loss. Good nutritional supplements will help nourish your body. Several years ago, the American Medical Association changed their position on supplements and decided that most Americans cannot get the nutrients they need from food alone.

Choose a good multivitamin rather than a high dose of any single vitamin. Avoid taking supplements that contain just one or two specific vitamins or minerals unless this has been advised by your doctor or dietitian. The reason for this is that vitamins and minerals work in harmony and an excessive amount of just one can impair the absorption or effectiveness of others. Correct balance is vital. So, keep it simple. Why not add a digestive supplement such as probiotics and omega-3? Everyone has different needs and it may be the case that you would benefit from further supplements. It may be useful to check with your doctor whether you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

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