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How to transition from treadmill to outdoor running

How to transition from treadmill to outdoor running

Switching the treadmill for the road is a totally liberating experience. It’s like ditching the car for a motorcycle. You’re no longer ...

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How to Run Faster & Stronger

How to run faster

You’re finally running, actually running all the way, you’re running regularly and fairly often. You’re on top of the world; ...

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11 Outdoor Exercises That’ll Crush Your Gym Workout

4. Kayaking/Rowing Move your gym workout onto water. Rowing and kayaking make for challenging cardiovascular workouts. If you’ve ever used the rowing machine in the gym, you know how difficult a workout it can be. Rowing and kayaking work the arms, shoulders, back and core muscles. Unlike the gym there is a lot more incentive to keep going than just to break a sweat. Rowing or kayaking on a lake, river or bay makes for a wonderful and scenic outing, and is just about as far away from the hustle and bustle of the rat-race as you can get. Calorie burn: Kayaking and rowing burn about 250 calories.

As the mercury rises burning calories gets a lot more fun. No longer limited to exercising in doors, the options ...

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500 Calorie Treadmill Workout


Missed a workout? Want to up the ante? Gotta lose weight fast? This boredom busting treadmill workout is designed to ...

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Running Clothes for Every Temperature

running clothes for every temperature

What should you wear when you’re running outside? Well, the answer is fairly straightforward in the summer months for most ...

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Boost Calories Burned Walking & Lose Weight

How to burn more calories walking & lose weight

Walking. Running’s just as glamorous cousin. Yes, running is awesome, but truth be told, so is walking. And I mean, ...

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Brazilian Butt Cardio Workout: Boost Your Butt With Cardio!

cardiovascular exercise to work glute muscles

Cardio is often forgotten when it comes to toning and shaping the body. However, resistance training doesn’t have a monopoly ...

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How to Run: Proper Running Form

how to run

When people think about how to run, they tend to focus on the feet. However, proper running form starts with ...

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Mesomorph Body Type

mesomorph body type

Mesomorphs could be thought of as the “genetically gifted”. They are characterized by an athletic, strong, compact and naturally lean ...

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How to Slim Thighs – The Thigh Gap!


A woman’s thighs tend to start to get skinny at a body fat percentage of approximately 18%. However, for your ...

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