Women & Weight Training

weight training for womenWomen are often afraid that if they exercise with weights they will become too muscular, masculine and perhaps look like bodybuilders. This is a misconception (do you have any idea how hard they have to train to look like that?). Women – unlike men – have very low levels of testosterone, which is a very important factor in the development of muscle and the vast majority of women are genetically incapable if building large muscles. The women most likely to develop more strong musculature are women with a mesomorph body type.

What will actually happen is that your arms will lose those flabby bits known affectionately as “bat wings” and your thighs will stop jiggling. In short, it will slim your legsslim down thighs, give you shape and if you’re an ectomorph avoid skinny fat syndrome. It can make you look more feminine by creating muscular definition in all the right places and bringing out natural curves. You will become sleeker and your clothes will fit and hang much nicer on you. Don’t think Arnold Schwarzenegger, think of the supermodel era – Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson and Naomi Campbell. Curvy, lean and long.


It is important that you weight train while you are doing your cardio to lose weight. The weight training helps prevent the loss of muscle that would normally occur during weight loss. You want your weight loss to be fat loss – not muscle loss. Don’t forget that your muscle is metabolically active and maintaining your muscle mass will aid your weight loss goals. Muscle helps increase metabolism. Furthermore, if you are in a hurry, while cardio burns the fat, remember that it is the weight training that gives you the toned sculpted look that will have you bikini ready.

Angelina Jolie, Halle BerrySalma Hayek and Eva Mendez are perfect examples of how you can use weight training to improve your shape and posture. They possess fantastic posture, which is why they naturally radiate beauty, grace and confidence on the red carpet. You never see them without their back straight, neck elongated and shoulders back. When you are in a room and a woman walks in who holds her head up high, everyone notices. With the right weight training, you too can achieve this. Remember, not just to work on your abs, but all major muscle groups, including your back. Strengthening your back muscles is important for great posture.

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