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Running causes wrinkles?Dermatologists and plastic surgeons believe that high impact cardiovascular exercise such as running, jogging and jumping can lead to premature wrinkles. Many die-hard runners, although slim, have premature wrinkles and sagging. Think of female distance runners over the age of 40. Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross believes that when a woman’s foot strikes the ground, the force of her body weight bounces back off the ground and up into her body, increasing the risk of damage to the joints and also resulting in breakdown of collagen. Thus causing the loss of the face’s plump, youthful contours. Plastic surgeon Professor Laurence Kirwan agrees that jogging may boost your heart rate, but can damage facial tissue and cause skin to sag, “It stretches the attachments between fat and the cheekbones”. Although exercise is vital and has an anti-aging effects on the body, intense aerobic exercise, can be detrimental to your skin.


While men are increasingly spending more time on, and worrying about, their appearance, the biological truth nevertheless remains that facially women age sooner than men. Since, the sexes age differently, avoid measuring yourself against your male friends, boyfriend or husband. If you want to minimize aging, you need to exercise a little differently than they. Over the age of 30, women should incorporate more resistance training, stretching and low-impact activities like swimming, cycling and power walking. Both doctors agree that reducing high impact exercise, by alternating gentle (low-impact) exercise (e.g. swimming, cycling, elliptical cross trainer) with high impact cardio, will lessen the risk of pre-mature damage to the skin.

 This is not an excuse not to exercise, it is merely suggested that pounding the pavement every day for extended periods of time may not be wise. Simply put, mix up your routine alittle. This doesn’t only benefit your skin, but also keeps your body on “its toes”, which means it doesn’t get used to the same daily routine, thus making weight loss easier!

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